Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The perfect sunday morning breakfast

French toast is the perfect breakfast for when you have had a very lazy morning in bed after a hard week. Having French toast made for me is an absolute luxury and its not insanely difficult to make well (a whole lot easier than finding a place open on a Sunday without a queue who will make it for you!). Men of Ireland - I recommend learning this.

  • 4 eggs

  • 120ml milk (whatever type you have, I use semi skimmed and its fine)

  • 5 slices from a hand cut loaf (Get the best bread you can get and its grand even if its been hanging around a few days, as long as theres no mould that is. Theres no point wasting your eggs on sliced pan. I went a bit far and made some as I was in prime baking form)

  • some butter and veg oil for frying

  • maple syrup, cinnamon, caster sugar for serving

Beat the eggs and milk in a bowl and then pour half the mix onto a large plate.

Cut your slices of bread in half and soak in the egg mix, turning after a few minutes until they are completely soggy.

Heat the butter and a tiny bit of oil in a freying pan and once hot fry the bread until golden on each side

Once done eat very quickly with lots of the maple syrup and it will completely make up for the fact that its Sunday and you have to work tomorrow.

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