Saturday, 15 November 2008

Green Saffron Spice Review

Since a trip to Middleton farmers market earlier this year I have been raving about Green Saffron spices. These are spices imported by a lovely company directly from India and mixed into blends that any eejit who is a bit afraid of the intricacies of Indian food can easily use. They arent so easy to get in Dublin but if youre in Temple Bar market on a Saturday Len at the muesli and lentil stall normally has a selection of a few and is more than obliging to bring more for you if you want them the following week (Len brought me up more chai mix than I could possibly ever need after electric picnic when I was missing the chai tent).

Masala Gosht was my latest very easy attempt at impressive Indian food. Theres nothing difficult about making a fantastic meal with these spices as you will see from the recipes, normally all you need is the meat, tinned tomatoes, some ginger, garlic and onions and youve got yourself a better Indian meal than you would get at all but the best Indian Restaurants. It may not look too appetizing to the right but it was yum!

I have made a number of these recipes over the last few months and have a constant stock of made up food in the freezer from them. The Dahl (best comfort food there is), Bengali Tiger Prawns and Jalfrezi come particularly highly recommended from me.

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