Friday, 14 November 2008

Leon (Exchequer Street) Review

When I have a day off work I consider it a holiday. On holidays I do two things - I eat cake or ice cream. Today was no exception.

Having been in France recently enough my first thought was Léon, as I hadnt been there before and have often salivated over the cakes in the window. I went to the one on Exchequer street as after passing by it reminded me of cakes with my granny when I was younger in Bewleys on Grafton Street and Clerys.

Its so charmingly French that when you walk in the door you almost completely forget you are in Dublin. There is a big long list of cakes with confusing names I hadnt heard of before so I went up to the counter and chose the one I fancied the most which was called something fabulous like Coffee Explosion - a round choux pastry type thing filled with coffee cream. The coffee was also fantastic and what girl can complain when the French waiter serves her a cup with a heart on the foam! There is certainly a fantastic selection of cakes and given the noises I was omitting while eating mine Im glad I was on my own.

My only complaint would be the chairs, Im obviously searching for a downside here to even mention it but my chair was completely soft in the middle and I had to change it for the one opposite. In truth considering the calories I was about to consume the little weightlifting did me good though. I walked all 3 miles home knowing that the French would scoff at me eating that whole pastry on my own!

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