Friday, 28 November 2008

Mince Pie Survey 1: Superquinn Puff Pastry Mince Pies

Let the games begin.

First off a mince pie so big that my father called me all sorts of names for taking a whole one to try out. Yes it is almost the size of that saucer. Let the first pound of butter go right on the top of my head.

These are made by the ever fantastic Superquinn, who this year are doing 3 different types of mince pies. I have absolutely no idea of the ingredients as the mince pies come in an open box, which Im thinking is a bad idea because I know in my family that means theres always one missing by the time they get home from the supermarket.

Value(2.5): €2.99 for 6, not insane value for mince pies that are almost the size of your head but you probably wouldnt be wanting to buy these for a big dinner party - buy beer instead.

Filling(3): There was a nice bit of filling and it was lovely, moist and sweet with no sign of suet. Yay for superquinn on this note - I wish they put ingredients on the box and Id give making mincemeat a try (then again thats probably the reason they dont).

Pastry(.5): First off, puff pastry would not be my favourite on a mince pie. These ones had been sitting around for a day or two and were hard enough that you could probably have bounced them off a wall without losing a crumb. I microwaved mine for about 20 seconds to make it edible. Also the puff pastry didnt really taste that buttery, just kind of lardy. You would want to be eating these while very fresh. This is not a good excuse for eating 6 in one sitting.

Packaging and design(.3): Open box is probably not the best idea but as mentioned earlier for ease of in car eating while on way home from supermarket they come in handy. Its also gives the impression that your mince pie wasnt made in July last year. At the same time I worry that grubby hands have touched the mince pies before me. I like to know whats in my food so ingredients on the box would be nice.

Total: 6.3. A good big mince pie with a nice filling but eat them as soon as possible - worth waiting to get home from the supermarket though.

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