Thursday, 27 November 2008

The great mince pie survey - rules, terms and conditions.

I come from a slightly unusual family for many reasons, the biggest this time of year is our love for Christmas food. I know its coming up to Christmas normally not by the decorations in shops in September or even the fact that it is September but by my parents already having mince pies in the house for after tea. My mom even keeps some and freezes them so it wouldn't be incredibly rare to have a mince pie on the hottest day of the year in their house (although they are much nicer when its cold outside)

My love for Christmas food is detrimental in that last year I put on a whole 9 pounds because of eating too much of it. Not to come over all mental and obsessive compulsive about weight but 9 pounds is a hell of a lot of mince pies and Christmas cake. Im pretty sure that a good portion of the 9 pounds was pure butter so graphically I went from something that looked like the left image below to the right one (my paint skills are only fantastic I know)

End of obsessing.

This year however Im going to give my body up for research purposes and do a mince pie survey. Dont let it be said that I do nothing for ye.

The mince pies will be judged out of 10 on their merits as follows:

  • Value (3) - we are in a recession you know, much and all as I love mince pies Im going to try to be realistic about value here.

  • Filling (3)- Im picky about the filling, it needs to be moist and full of fruit, sweet but not too sweet. Im not keen on suet in my mincepies, even less so after reading that wikipedia link.

  • Pastry (3)- Ill try not to be a complete traditionalist here and test different types of mince pies but its going to have to a good solid tasty pastry either way.

  • Packaging and design (1) - Why is design of mince pie important? Mainly because you dont want your filling falling out. Im a bit of a sucker for a nice box too.
If you have a favourite mince pie let me know and Ill endeavour to eat it and review over the coming weeks.

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