Thursday, 13 November 2008

history of this foodie

Born in 1979 and living through the 80s there was no such thing as convenience food in my parents house, especially as my overly picky (meat and 2 veg only) grandfather lived with us. I was brought up in a family where my mom cooked dinner every day from scratch. I watched on hooked at the magic of changing a bunch of raw ingredients into something tasty.

My granny was (to me) a master baker and all through my childhood she wold create fantastic cakes when we would go visit. I was so appreciative of her work that she would make a christmas cake every year just for me and cut me off a slice every time I came to visit. Her other speciality were homemade donuts. My gran had travelled the world getting recipes and never used a recipe book.

Ive always been crazy about food. Theres nothing I love more than finding a new restaurant and amazing food there. Travelling where my main goal of trying new foods is also a great love of mine, I always have a new trip planned (New York and India are next on the cards).

Cooking and baking calms me when my head feels like its going to burst from the stresses of work. Food is currently not my career but maybe someday will be.

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