Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Mince Pie Survey 5: Mr. Kiplings Mince Pies

Mr. Kipling has been around for donkeys years as have his pies so I figured that these would have to be tested. Of the pies I have tasted these are the only ones that are for sale everywhere.

Value(2.7): €2.49 for 6, this seems to be the average price for mince pies really, unless you are buying in Lidl. Some places have 8 Mr. Kiplings for the price of 6.
Filling(1.6): Im going to have to admit that I was biased by my family sitting around saying that these were not going to be good pies, so much that they all refused to try them. The filling is quite moist and has the weirdest little currants in it that I cant find listed in the ingredients so can only assume that they are mutantly small raisins. Theres plenty of fruity filling in them which is good although they are quite sweet (which is good because given the calorie/fat contents you really shouldnt be eating more than one). No hint of booze at all. I get the feeling Mr. Kipling is a teetotaller.

Pastry(1.3): The pastry kind of collapsed as soon as this mince pie was microwaved (see above) so you wouldnt want to be eating on the run. The pastry is not overly buttery (4% is mentioned on the box) and really theres nothing special about it at all. It does have a little Christmas tree decoration on the top and some sugar dusting

Packaging and design(.7): Exceedingly merry says the box and it is definitely the most festive box Ive seen yet. Id warn you though that if you like your mince pies not to look at the box in too much detail and avoid the especially avoid the nutritional values. You really dont want to know that if you eat 5 of these that you will have hit your daily allowance of fat and calories and have blown your allowance for sugar. I expected Mr.Kiplings to have a shelf life of approximately forever but they will only last until the 5th of January, surprising as they appear to contain more sorbates and dioxides than any of the other pies.

Total: 6.3. Being that you cant buy my moms pies in the shops these arent the worst choice, although my mom will disagree and tell you to come taste hers. Id be exceedingly more merry if they added some brandy.

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