Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Great Mince Pie Survey - Results Round up

When I started this I thought I would get the chance to eat way more mince pies and am surprised I havent. The truth is that there isnt a massive choice out there in the supermarkets - they pretty much have one or two of their own (normally one of superior quality/price/taste) and then Mr.Kiplings and possibly the Tea time express ones. So if you arent shopping in different supermarkets you probably will only purchase one or two different types of boxes.

The results:
  1. Superquinn Superior Quality Mince Pies (8.8) - Expensive but worth every penny of thigh fattening lard. I would be seriously obese if these were available all year round

  2. Dunnes Stores Simply Better (6.7) - Give you flashbacks to the time you tried poitín when cold. When warm not completely unbearable.

  3. Lidl Rowan Hill (6.5) - Id had a feed of rum the night I had these so my results may be slightly inaccurate. The cheapest in the survey by about 50% and not a bad choice for a party.

  4. Mr. Kiplings (6.3) - The most widely available and not all that bad although they could do with a bit of brandy and less odd ingredients

  5. Superquinn Puff Pastry Mince Pies (6.3) - The biggest least traditional pie I tasted. Not my favourite because Im a bit of a traditionalist. My Dad swears by them though.

The other results:

  • a layer of lard that would keep me warm if I was to try swimming in the sea over Christmas...
  • ... in Alaska
  • recommendations from everyone on which pies to not eat (my Dad says he would need to be paid to eat another Tesco mince pie and then said I might get sued for writing something like that)
  • a dislike of store bought mince pies, mainly after tasting the fantastic mince my brothers girlfriend made

Next year I think Ill spend some of my mince pie eating time making them.

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you all enjoy your last few weeks of mince pie eating before they are gone from the shops.

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