Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mince Pie Survey 4: Superquinn Superior Quality Mince Pies

I have a confession to make, last Tuesday after a particularly long day at work (including flights to and from Southampton) I went to bed with a glass of Baileys and a mince pie. The king of mince pies, so kingly it even has a little crown of pastry. The thought of this kept me going all day long, that lovely mince pie waiting for me back in my leaba. Ever since I have hardly been able to update so much has been the love for those mince pies.

Indeed so far in my survey there has been no better mince pie. I sneakily had a few of these a few weeks ago before I started my reviews and every other pie has been held up against this one since.

Value(3): €2.99 for 4. These are some seriously expensive mass produced mince pies but given the quality are worth it. Think of yourself as being in a L'oreal add. If youre going to sit down to eat a mince pie (out of the ones Ive tasted so far) and you are only just spoiling yourself (dont buy these for a party as you will be stony broke) then you may as well go for the best (so far of course - Im still testing).

Filling(2): The filling like in the other Superquinn mince pie I tasted is fantastic. The right mix of fruity, sweet and moist. My only bad point about these pies is that theres not enough of it. Now in a way I can completely understand this, as the pie probably has a bit more pastry than most and its good thick pastry so its hard to get enough space for the ratio. Im not sure if these pies could be architected in another way to give more room for mince but if Superquinn could figure out the physics of this then I would possibly never leave my house ever again.
Pastry(3): If I could write poetry I would write a poem for this pastry, if I could sing Id sing all day. This pastry is quite literally the bomb. Its buttery and thick yet perfectly melt in the mouthy when warm. The little design makes you almost not want to eat them as they are so pretty although I am convinced a team of engineers worked on this for a long time.

Packaging and design(.8): These pies are the prettiest I have seen out there. If you were serving them at a party people would know you hadnt gone for the cheapy ones. Superquinn have also started covering their mince pies so they are not just sitting in an open box any more. Of course the disadvantage of that is that you cant eat them in the car on the way home. Then again these pies are too expensive to be doing that anyway - they are built to be savoured. Other than that the packaging is a bit boring.

Total: 8.8. If I could marry a mince pie it would be this one. Enough said.

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