Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Week 3 - Hurty finger and a trip to a real kitchen

Week 3 was marked by my constant lying about my hurty finger because not being able to wash your knives without a trip to the local doctor is a bit of an embarrassing excuse week 3 of a cookery course. Its only the odd person who reads this, my hero who brought me in a very girly fainting state to the local clinic and my friends who stayed back to wash the rest of the dishes that know that I didnt get bitten by a shark, have my finger bitten off by a overzealous male model boyfriend or suffer a knitting accident.
Week 3 was also the week I got to go visit Ballymaloe house kitchens (queue more lying about finger), where my cooking partner had to wash all the dishes and where I spent quite some time bashing prawn brains before boiling them, forcing them through a sieve and serving them as lunch.
As my typing index finger is still a bit off, I will leave you with a few pictures of food cooked by real chefy people. No pictures of the shy chefs as they wanted me to contact their agents first off.

Duck Liver Pate with Walnut and Raisin toast (not in picture as I ate it)

Roast Ballycotton Turbot with Watercress, Redcurrant and Shallot butter

Hot buttered Castletownbere Oysters on Toast

Pan-fried Ballycotton John Dory with Scallops and Garden Asparagus (Did I mention that Im never coming home again?)

Caramel Ice cream, served with caramel from the Ballymaloe Dessert Trolley

PS - I didnt cook in Ballymaloe house - just sat around, watched, poked at things and took photos


  1. after scoffing the pate, turbot, oysters, and john dory i was only able to inhale 4 scoops of ice cream

    i will be back for more of all.

    keep ip up


  2. It's just the odd person that reads this.. after all I'm not odd... :) Love the updates on the course, hope your finger heals soon! :D


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