Thursday, 26 February 2009

all in a foodie week

So many many things have been happening over the last while and I have been absolutely crap at updating as a result. I wouldnt mind but just this weekend I made banoffee, the most amazingly easy and tasty chocolate cupcakes ever and a lemon meringue pie. I'm also back cooking Indian food as if I never had to go on antibiotics after my adventures over there. Time to update has been scarce though.

In the last very foodie week I have:
  • asked for a sabbatical from work (got a no)
  • handed in my notice after 6 years at work
  • baked for a birthday party
  • had brunch in Brasserie Sixty Six (poor - the cream on my waffles was sour!)
  • seen my reviews on cheapeats
  • filled in my form for Ballymaloe Cookery Schools twelve week course (starting in April) - eek!!
  • did a class in the Dublin Cookery School which was lovely and so much fun
  • had dinner in Cardiff and lunch in London with werk
  • had pancake Tuesday - my absolute favourite food day of the year
  • started planning my own birthday party
  • started packing for a weekend in paris to eat cake

Its all been very exciting and crazy recently. I promise normal programming will resume shortly.


  1. This blog is just amazing. It's food for the eye.
    Your guests are definitely lucky people
    You are doing great work. Please keep it up.

  2. It sounds as if you had a mental week! Best of luck in Ballymaloe - I certainly enjoyed my 12 weeks there.

  3. Hello Deirdre,

    Do you ever listen to music when cooking, baking? If so, is the music you listen to then different from what you would choose otherwise?

    What about Jim O'Rourke for preparing pastery? (I mean this as a suggestion)

    Your other pictures are also smashing. I love the Paris set. The coolest lady in the world in one of the cool places on earth. Du siehst einfach strahlend aus! Moc hezka!


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