Monday, 26 October 2015

Week 2 of baby led weaning

Now that we are two weeks into solids here's an update on how its going. So far he has mainly had fingers of fruit and veg as I wanted to see him get the hang of holding foods and feeding himself but I think Ill start cooking a little more for him this week.

Breakfasts - Breakfast is normally about an hour after he has woken and been fed in the morning.

  • Raspberries - great faces when he eats these.
  • Banana - when we have ones that are still a little hard he will gnaw away but mostly I find that he still mashes them in his hand so there has been a bit of spoon feeding
  • Pancakes - Ill post a recipe for sugar free ones soon
  • Porridge - he loves porridge which I make with water. I sometimes mash banana or raspberries through it. I load the spoon for him and he will eat away to his hearts content
  • Greek yogurt - I buy the aldi one which has no added ingredients. 
  • Overnight oats - I made a variant of overnight oats with Greek yogurt and milk this week. He enjoyed it when eating it and it was thick enough not to fall off the spoon but vomited it up fairly shortly afterwards

Lunch/Dinner - I find that about 3 o'clock in the afternoon is when hes happiest having some more food, he makes it fairly clear if he doesn't want to eat or sit in his high chair! Most evenings he's getting a little too tired to eat anything when we have dinner (about 6:30) but we will normally give him something to nibble on. Restaurants and cafes have been pretty good about giving me some plain veg on the side for him which is great as Ive found that most of the food I have been served has a salty sauce of some kind on it. 
  • Broccoli - He loves tenderstem broccoli and its great as it has such long stalks for him to hold and nibble on
  • Cucumber - a big favourite which might be due to teeth coming up too. I peel it and cut it into fingers for him
  • Melon - again I think he might love this because he is teething and its nice and cool on his gums. 
  • Chicken - I fried up finger size slices of chicken and he happily chewed on these - this was his first meat
  • Pasta - not a big fan of fusilli but I think it was a little small for his hand. 
  • Mozzarella - he squeezed a lot of the goodness out of this but enjoyed it enough to have 3 pieces
  • Pitta - I have made pittas for him with avocado spread on them and he loves chomping away on these. I have a great pitta recipe which Ill post up this week. 
  • Mushy peas - while we were out for dinner he had some mushy minty peas - Ill definitely need to make these and put them on bread for him
  • Apple - he ate half a steamed apple in one sitting! 
  • Red peppers - I think these were a little too hard for him when raw but when fried a little (with the chicken above) he enjoyed them
Drinking - I give him a sippy cup with water when he's eating which sometimes distracts him and ends up being flung on the floor. After mistakenly buying a sippy cup that leaked I bought this Nuby one last week and he is slowly getting the hang of it although I often find him holding it upside down trying to chew on it! 

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