Monday, 22 February 2010

Two weeks in America

So I can report that the chicken, quiche and bread made it through Dublin airport security and I was safe from plane food for one of the 6 flights taken over my two week trip to the US. I definitely recommend doing the same if you are taking a long haul flight any time soon!
Some of the highlights of the trip:
Coffee and Cake at Magnolia Bakery, this was a big thing when I saw all the lovely cakes but not such a fantastic idea when I was being sick in a New York flowerbed a few minutes later from the sweetness of it all. The had some very pretty cakes and cupcakes though (I think my poor jetlagged, hungover body just wasnt able for all the butter and sugar) after the flight over. 
I was grand by the next day though and was up early to have a lovely bagel  and coffee before heading off sightseeing. 
Next stop Chelsea Market for brunch and oh what a fantastic brunch of chips and eggs with minty hollandaise. The Chelsea Market is well worth the subway fare from wherever you are in New York. 

Did I mention that it was restaurant week when I was in New York? During restaurant week a whole load of New York restaurants put on a set lunch (24$) and dinner menu(35$), many of these places are the kind of places that you need to cut up your credit card after visiting normally. After a good 4 or 5 hours of deliberation I had chosen the wonderfully named One if by land, two if by sea where we had a very lovely dinner that was so great I didnt manage to take any photos before taking a bite first. The above was chocolate fondant with stout ice cream (not that you can really see it. Open table was right about it being the most romantic restaurant in New York, if romantic means dimly lit).

New York was also the first introduction to big American breakfasts and one of the first times that I have thought our Irish breakfast may be the healthy option! These were from Sarabeths near Central Park

From New York it was on to San Diego where there were far more breakfasts to be eaten and good friends who knew where to eat them. Above the amazing Mocha Chip Shake and Blueberry pancakes from the Mission in North Park. These were worth the cost of the flights alone!
We also had some very amazing pho in San Diego, and although the above doesnt look too appetizing I definitely recommend tracking down a pho place that closes early where the staff look at you strange if ever in  Vietnam/San Diego. 
The final place that I seem to have taken any pictures of food was on our way skiing somewhere near Los Angeles when we dropped into the very institution that is In-n-out. I was a little over excited at this stage, but how wouldnt you be when a lovely smiley fella takes your order, especially when you hear about a non-advertised sauce you can order by asking for your burger "animal style" (ok, so this was secret to me but maybe not to anyone who has ever been to In-n-out before.

Now allow this girl to be a little over-excited as its been a good half of my lifetime since I have eaten a hamburger in any fast food place. This was fantastic and while hardly anywhere near as intricately seasoned and perfected as some of the food I had in New York a definite highlight.

After all of this a few days in Vegas, no photos from Vegas other than buildings and booze (not surprisingly)

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  1. This post has me hungry for all sorts of pancakes - going to have to make some again VERY soon!


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