Sunday, 24 January 2010

3 very fantastic things

Its all very busy around here these days but I had three fantastic things to say so before I forget:
  1. The Clarence Tea Rooms have a great offer on at the moment of €29 for 3 courses. This is not a between 6:15 and 6:17pm kind of offer, its after 7pm and from what I can tell every day. I was there on Friday for dinner with a bunch of friends and they had jazz playing. Very civilized and very tasty. In case anyone is interested I chose the scallops (next time Id take the oysters), the cod with parmesan and herb crust and because Im a complete sucker for chocolate the chocolate fondant. I mention it here only because the taxi driver on the way in was so surprised that he wanted to come as my date and because it was fantastic value
  2. Fresh yeast - you can buy it from the lovely bakers in Superquinn. It took me months to get around to asking for this but now that I have there is no shortage of great bread in my house (and yes I do think its much nicer than the dried stuff)
  3. New York Restaurant Week starts tomorrow and Im going to be there for a few days. So very excited I dont even know where to start with looking at booking a table! Recommendations?
Update (25/5/10) - Very disappointed with Superquinn who now inform me that they will only sell yeast in quantities of 1kg 500g 250g (reduced twice after some emails to their customer support) after being able to purchase it in some of their stores in much smaller quantities for months now. 

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  1. I am surprised at that . I had always found superquinn good for such things and tha bakers very chatty. Although they seem to have let their customer focus slip a bit since the Quinns sold their share in the business.


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