Friday, 7 August 2009

Vive España - vivo en españa

There are times that I feel this blog should come with a bit of a health warning. In fact there are people recently who mentioned that I should come with a health warning. My love for cakes and posting recipes here aside, my last 4 months have not been what most intelligent adults would recommend during the current times of economic crisis.

Now as I sit having a beer outside after 11 at night in sweltering 33 degree heat I feel even more that I should put a bit of a warning out there. If your sole aim in life is being sucesful in your chosen career then you should stop reading now and not even consider giving up your job for 3 months of cookery school followed by some time learning Spanish in Granada and more time eating around Spain.

I feel its only fair to announce that it will be a while before these posts are at all sensible again. Im enjoying the heat, wine and food far too much. I will be back with photos sometime soon.


  1. Oh god I'm so jealous. I'm back at work and it's depressing. The real world sucks and you're doing the right thing getting away and learning. We're saving at the moment but then it's travelling all the way!

  2. I haven't visited this blog in a while, and I can only agree with the previous comment: aye, the world is insane and you are definitely doing the right thing. In fact what you write seems very sensible to me. Let no guilt come in here. Enjoy every moment. You will fall back on your feet. Thanks for sharing a little of it here.


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